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Data Entry Operator (DEO)


Who is a Data Entry Operator?

A data entry operator is an individual who transforms an unorganized set of data into an organized format of data. This unorganized data may be in the form of image,text, or video which is organized by the DEO into the required format.

What type of skill is tested for a Data Entry Operator?

The only skill tested for a data entry operator is:How fast, how accurately you can type the data.

Data Entry Operator(DEO) skill test terminologies are as follows:

These terms are used to define a data entry operation skills:

WPM (Words per minute): How many words one can type in one minute?

CPM (Characters per minute): How many characters you can type in one minute?

KPH or KSPH (Key Strokes per Hour) or KDPH (Key Depressions per Hour): How many keys you have used in typing a given text in 1 hour? This is one of the most accurate data entry skill test.

How to convert WPM into KPH/KDPH or vice vesra:

In most typing tests, a “word” is defined as five keystrokes. That is:KPH = WPM x 5 x 60 = 300 x WPM,WPM = KPH / 300.

What should be your speed of data entry ?

What is the average typing speed?

What should be your perfect typing speed to become a data entry operator?

These are the questions that must be worrying you now.

Well, an average person types 20 to 25 wpm. For the professional data entry operator, the average typing speed is around 36 wpm (10800 KPH). But the minimum typing speed mentioned in most of the data entry operator skill test is 8000 KPH (i.e. 27 WPM).

Pattern of SSC Data Entry Operator (DEO) Examination:

The examination pattern of Data Entry Operator (DEO) Consist of written examination and skill test for the candidates.

Written examination:
The written test comprise of objective type questions.

  •  50 questions of general intelligence for 1 marks each .
  • -50 questions of English Language (basic knowledge) for 1 marks each.
  • -50 questions of quantitative aptitude for 1 marks each .
  • -50 questions of General Awareness for 1 marks each .

1/4 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer.

Skill Test:

Typing speed of 8000 key strokes per hour or 27 WPM on computer.

Typing test for LDC will be conducted if candidate will clear the written examination.

Selection Procedure:

The candidates who will pass the written examination will be invited for skill test/typing test.

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